How Do I Know The Age Of Antique Jewelry ??

Antique Jewelry,Age Of Antique Jewelry
Every historical period of antique jewelry has a very different style. There are a few ways to know the age of antique jewelry in accordance with the era. Please refer to the article below !!

Different metals came into use at different times, which helps determine the date of your jewelry.
The very strong metal platinum, for example, appeared in the late 1800s but was banned from jewelry use during World War II. This information will rule out the Georgian, early Victorian and Retro periods. Your jewelry may have markings of the materials used such as "Plat." for platinum or "Ster." for sterling silver.

Measure the length of your necklaces or earrings. Following the clothing styles of the times, nineteenth century necklaces tended to be short to set off a low neckline. Early twentieth century necklaces and earrings tended to be longer, especially during the "flapper" period of the 1920s.

Look at motifs or depictions of scenes on your item. Nature and sentimental motifs of flowers, hearts and animals were popular during Queen Victoria's reign (1837 to 1901) while Cubism-inspired geometric shapes were popular during the Art Deco period (1920 to 1935).

Determine what stones are used in your jewelry. Early pieces from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries used classic cuts of diamonds, garnet and amethyst. Later pieces from the early-to-mid-twentieth century added a range of semi-precious stones such as opals, pearls and rubies, both natural and synthetic.

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